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By Dennis Murphy
Correspondent Dateline NBC
updated 5:28 p.m. ET Dec. 5, 2009


Amanda Knox, still looking the fresh blue-jeaned student after more than a year in jail, continued to captivate the Italian media all the way through her murder trial.
アマンダ ノックスは一年以上も監獄されていたにもかかわらず、綺麗な青いジーンズをはき学生のようで、殺人罪の公判中イタリアのメディアを魅了し続けました。

Barbie Nadeau: They look at this girl with blue eyes, beautiful hair, beautiful young face and they think, “Wow! Could she really have done this?” And I think that keeps people interested.
Barbie Nadeau:

The prosecutor had never wavered from his initial theory: that Amanda Knox slashed Meredith Kercher's throat as her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito held the young English woman down and Rudy Guede attempted to assault her sexually from behind. Drugs fuelling a violent payback: Amanda getting even with the roommate who nagged her about her drug use and the strange men she brought home. Amanda losing it in her rage.
検察は最初の推理から脱線する事がありませんでした。アマンダ ノックスのボーイフレンドであるRaffaele Sollecitoが若いイギリス人女性Meredithを押さえ、アマンダが彼女の喉をナイフで切り、Rudy Guedeが後ろから性的暴行を加えようとしたというものです。麻薬が恨みをはらす暴力の燃料となったのです。アマンダは、ルームメイトが彼女の薬物使用や家に知らない男を連れてくる事の小言に仕返しをしたのです。アマンダは怒りの中で自分自身を失っていました。

It was a vivid tableau for the court to ponder.

Reporter Nick Pisa: I think what we have here is the prosecution have played a very good card here in that they've created a lot of character. They've managed to build up a very negative image of Amanda.
Nick Pisa記者:

What's more, the jury -- already exposed to all the lurid details -- is not prevented from following press coverage of the very case they are deciding. Rudy Guede, who'd left behind copious DNA at the scene, had already been tried and convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
更に、ぞっとする表現を目の当たりにした陪審員は、彼らが審議している事件についてメディア露出から守られてはいませんでした。現場に多くのDNAを残したRudy Guedeは公判を受け、有罪となり懲役30年を言い渡されています。

© Riccardo De Luca AP

Amanda Knox and Sollecito would face the same punishment -- or worse -- if the prosecutor prevailed. They both had pleaded not guilty.
アマンダ ノックスとSollecitoは、検察が優秀であれば、同じ(若しくは更に厳しい)懲罰を受けることになるでしょう。両名は無罪を主張しています。

The prosecutor laid out the story you've heard so far: the special police returning two stolen cell phones only to discover a brutal murder and two young people cuddling outside the student rental. And there was Amanda's self-incriminating confession that was withdrawn.

Now it was time for the prosecution to present its forensic evidence to make its case: a story that would be told by blood and high-tech detective work. The story that Rudy Guede's presence alone does not explain everything the authorities uncovered.
検察は法医学証拠を提出し、ケースを固めるタイミングでしょう。血と高度捜査技術のお話しになるでしょう。この話の中で当局が発見した全ての証拠からRudy Guedeが単独犯にはならないでしょう。

The final alibi for the two was that they'd spent the night together at Sollecito's.
Barbie Nadeau: He said he was downloading a movie. He said he was downloading cartoons. Well, internet records don't lie.
Barbie Nadeau:

The computer records and the internet records do not back up what he says he was doing that night. They do not show that there was activity on his computer when he said there was. And another techie finding looked suspicious.

Both Amanda and Raffaele almost simultaneously turned off their cell phones two hours before Meredith died.

Dennis Murphy: Does that go to the understanding technically of what a cell phone is capable of, which is tracking you like a GPS device?
Dennis Murphy:

Barbie Nadeau: That is exactly right.
Barbie Nadeau:

The authorities had spent weeks collecting and analyzing evidence from the bungalow.

What they found implicating Sollecito was a bra clasp from the victim. The prosecutor said it had the boyfriend's DNA on it.

The most damaging forensic evidence against Amanda was what the prosecution's expert said was mixed blood DNA of Amanda and Meredith found on the drain of the bidet.

Barbie Nadeau: She was convinced that it showed that Amanda Knox was involved in this crime.
Barbie Nadeau:

Also presented: luminoled footprints found at the scene that might -- or might not -- match those of Amanda and Raffaele.

The prosecution also introduced a kitchen knife recovered from Sollecito's place that appeared newly cleaned with bleach and had, what the experts said, was Amanda's DNA on the handle and genetic material consistent with Meredith on the tip.

The prosecution also asserted the body was moved after Meredith died; blood smears on the floor described the motion. Also the bed cover thrown over it had no transfer blood on it, meaning the victim's blood had dried before the body was covered up.

Would Rudy Guede, alone, presumably wanting to get out of there as fast as he could, have bothered to move the body, waited sometime for the blood to have dried, and then thrown the bed quilt upon it?
Rudy Guedeが単独犯と仮定した場合、その場から可能な限り早く出たいと思っていた彼が、敢えて遺体を動かし、血が乾くのを待ち、その後ベッドカバーを掛けたのでしょうか?

Barbie Nadeau: The prosecution always felt, based on crime scene analysis, based on psychological analysis of-- of criminals, that a woman is more likely to cover a body than a man is. And that really stuck in the mind of the prosecutor in this case, that-- that someone is-- couldn't look at the body anymore and so, covered her up.
Barbie Nadeau:

What to make of the smashed bedroom window when nothing was taken? Had someone staged a break-in after the murder to suggest an intruder/rapist/killer? The only thing believed missing from the house were the two recovered cell phones and Meredith's $300 in rent money.

To reporter Barbie Nadeau, far and away the most damning evidence against Amanda Knox was her shifting story about the night of the murder. First: I wasn't there, then, you got me, yes I was. Something the Italians regard as "character evidence": of equal value to the forensics.
Barbie Nadeau記者にとって、何よりもアマンダにとって不利な証拠というのは、殺人事件があった夜の二転三転する彼女の供述です。最初は、その場に居ませんでしたと言い、その後、言われるとおりで、私ですと言ったのです。これはイタリアで「人格証拠」と言われ、科学捜査の証拠と同等とされます。

Dennis Murphy: And you always come back to that point don't you, Barbie? What was going on with the stories.
Dennis Murphy:

Barbie Nadeau: Absolutely. The tangled stories. It's the one, you know, it's probably the one area of this case that's very difficult to square. It's just you know under no matter what kind of pressure you might be under, why would you say you were in the room? Why would you say if you were in the house when the crime took place? How could you describe the screams and the murder unless you heard them?
Barbie Nadeau:

And what could have possibly sparked such a murderous rage?

As the prosecutor saw it, Amanda was jealous of prim and proper Meredith who might even be getting her job at Lumumba's bar

Meredith's English girlfriends, also studying in Italy, were called to the stand. They testified about Meredith's vocal displeasure over the American roomie's drug use, her sloppy bathroom habits, the men she brought home for sex.

Barbie Nadeau: They made Amanda Knox seem like an American Girl with loose morals.
Barbie Nadeau:
彼らはアマンダ ノックスが節度の無いアメリカ人女性とみたのです。

But was tension between roommates a motivation for murder? The trial came down to a precious few forensic details: the bra clasp, the mixed blood drop, the footprints and one enormous convoluted story from the American who was never less than the focus of all the eyes in the courtroom.

In some eyes that persona from the tabloids Foxy Knoxy kept showing up in the courtroom. they saw a casually-dressed young college who didn't appear to be taking the court seriously. Perhaps a more demure young woman in boxy clothes off the rack might have been the smarter way to impress the jury.
人によっては、法廷にタブロイド誌のFoxy Knoxyが表れたように思えたのでしょう。法廷を厳格に思わないカジュアルな格好の若い大学生に見えたのでしょう。陪審員にとっては、取り澄ました顔で新品の堅苦しい服を着ていた若い女性の方が印象は良かったかも知れません。

© Independent.co.uk

Barbie Nadeau: She's passing chocolates to her boyfriend. She's smiling at the camera. She's wearing inappropriate clothing. The trial at times feels like a reality TV setting. She really is seen at times like a character in a play or a character in a movie rather than a suspect of a very serious crime.
Barbie Nadeau:

© Mirror.co.uk

And those cameras would be recording the long-awaited moment that Amanda Knox took the stand to speak out in her own defense.

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