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アマンダ ノックス裁判(5/6)です。
アマンダ ノックス(Amanda Knox)記事一覧
By Dennis Murphy
Correspondent Dateline NBC
updated 5:28 p.m. ET Dec. 5, 2009

Meredith Kercher ©Mirror.co.uk

Throughout her trial, Amanda Knox has had two teams working for her: one fighting for her freedom, the other defending her name.
公判中にアマンダ ノックスには彼女を支える2つのチームがいたのです。1つは彼女の弁護団、もう1つは彼女の名前を守る団体です。

Anne Bremner: I was asked to try and turn around the supertanker of misinformation before the trial.
Anne Bremner:

Attorney Anne Bremner speaks for a group known as "Friends of Amanda Knox." Five thousand miles from this Italian courtroom in Seattle, Wash., they have been mounting an online and on-air PR offensive to rehabilitate the American student's unsavory international reputation.
Anne Bremner弁護士は「Friends of Amanda Knox(アマンダ ノックスの友達)」という団体を代弁します。イタリアの法廷から5,000マイル離れたワシントン州シアトル市でアメリカ人学生の不名誉な国際評判を回復すべくネットやテレビ・ラジオでPRしているのです。

On NBC's TODAY show and other network and cable programs, Bremner--a former county prosecutor--has refuted the prosecution's case, citing everything from sloppy and suspect evidence collection...

Anne Bremner: I called it Fellini forensics.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

...to a motive for murder--I hate my roomie--that sounded ludicrous.

Anne Bremner: There's no evidence to connect her physically in any way in what had to be a very violent crime which was carried out.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

Finally, this past June, a year and half after the murder, Amanda Knox now 22 years old, addressed the court in both English and fluent Italian. The Ice Queen of the tabloids took on those first suspicions about her. Why the kissing and cuddling display with Raffaele just after Meredith's body was discovered?
殺人事件から1年半が経過した7月にようやく22歳になったアマンダ ノックスが法廷で英語と流暢なイタリア語で弁論したのです。タブロイド誌上で冷酷な女王とされた彼女は、彼女に向けられていた最初の不審点について語ったのです。Meredithの遺体が発見された直後に何故Raffaeleと抱き合いキスをしていたか?

Amanda Knox in Italian via translator: I was shaking. He embraced me.
イタリア語の通訳経由でアマンダ ノックスは「私は震えていたのです。彼がしっかりと抱いてくれたのです。」

All perfectly normal, adds Bremner, and no basis for the sleazy tabloid narrative that instantly superglued itself to the young student.

Anne Bremner: Which was Foxy Knoxy. A sex crime. Depraved. And we had to say, "Wait a minute. Nice girl from Seattle. Worked three jobs to get to Italy. Very studious. Good friends with Meredith. No violent background.
Anne Bremner弁護士:
それがFoxy Knoxyだったのです。性犯罪。堕落。そして「これは・・・シアトルから来た可愛い学生。熱心で、イタリアに来るのに3つも仕事を掛け持ちしていた。Meredithとも友達。犯罪歴がない。」

Amanda testified she was completely unaware her behavior--the cartwheels in the waiting room-- had gotten under the cops' skin.

Amanda Knox: Arriving in the police office, I didn't expect to be interrogated at all.
アマンダ ノックス:

She recollected how in her all-night interrogation, the investigators peppered her with sneaky hypothetical questions: What if you'd been there? What might you have done?

Amanda Knox: For instance, who could I imagine could be the person who killed Meredith? And I said I still didn't know.
アマンダ ノックス:

The cops, she said, didn't like her answers.

Amanda Knox: They called me a stupid liar, and they said that I was trying to protect someone.
アマンダ ノックス:

She said they cuffed her around the head until she admitted she was there and then coughed up her boss the bar owner, Patrick Lumumba, as Meredith's killer.
彼女は、警察は彼女がその場に居たと認めるまで頭付近で手錠を掛け、その後、彼女の上司でありバーのオーナーであるPatrick LumumbaをMeredith殺害犯に仕立てたのです。

Dennis Murphy: What are we to make of it? "I was there. I admit it. I had to cover my ears to block out the screaming. Wait a second. I wasn't there. I was with Raffaele at the apartment for the night."
Dennis Murphy:

Anne Bremner: Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one and it is here, which was they asked her to imagine what happened.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

Dennis Murphy: Or maybe they cracked her and they finally got her--
Dennis Murphy:

Anne Bremner: Yeah. Well--
Anne Bremner弁護士:

Dennis Murphy: --closer to the truth?
Dennis Murphy:

Anne Bremner: --Well, if they cracked her and got her closer to the truth then what she would have done was to say that, "I did it." But she didn't. She cooperates. And they took that, spun it and spun it all over the world as a confession.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

Dennis Murphy: Probably the most damaging thing to come out of that statement that she gave was giving up Lumumba. “He was the one who killed Meredith.”
Dennis Murphy:

Anne Bremner: They said, "You know who did it. Give us the name." You know, "You know Patrick." That's the context. It's not like, "Oh, by the way, you know, I think I'm just gonna hand up a friend of mine."
Anne Bremner弁護士:

In her hours on the stand, Amanda admitted to the court she did switch off her phone on the night of November 1, coincidentally, the night Meredith died.

She did that, she said, because, she was excited to have an unexpected night off with Raffaele and didn't want to be called to work suddenly. And there were other questions about Amanda's and especially Raffaele's electronic footprints. He told the special telephone police he'd already called the Italian 911.

Dennis Murphy: in fact he hadn't. And it was only after the telephone police showed up that the first calls were made.
Dennis Murpy:

Anne Bremner: He had a relative that was in-- in the police department that he got a hold of. And that's what he was saying. And so, you know, to try and say he's not being truthful is not correct.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

A point echoed by Raffaele's own father, Dr. Francesco Sollecito, who spoke to his son minutes after Meredith's body was found. He says Raffaele was clearly in a state of shock.
この点については、Meredeth遺体が発見された数分後に電話でRaffaeleと話した父のFrancesco Sollecito博士により確認されています。彼が言うには、Raffaeleはとても落ち込んでいたそうです。

To find himself in the house of someone who he had very vaguely met just a few days before and to see her there dead - killed - it was evident that this greatly upset him.

Though Bremner does not represent Sollecito, she also takes issue with the DNA found on the clasp of Meredith's bra. The prosecution said it was Raffaele's DNA. But Bremner notes police left the clasp lying around the crime scene for 47 days before collecting it as evidence.

Anne Bremner: It was kicked around the room. I watched the footage where they drop it, pick it up, hand it to somebody else, then they say his DNA’s there along with a number of other people.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

Raffaele's father goes a step further. He says experts hired by his son's defense team have shown that there was no trace of Raffaele in that house. The DNA on the bra clasp - and footprints - all rubbish, he says.

Anne Bremner: The traces of DNA on the clasp don't belong to Raffaele. The footprint - we demonstrated through another forensic expert that the prints could belong to anyone except Raffaele.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

At trial the toughest forensic evidence against Amanda Knox was the drop of blood in the bidet, her blood, experts said, freshly mingled with Meredith's. "So what?" the defense countered. Mixed DNA wasn't unusual as the two roomies shared the bathroom.

Anne Bremner: What we've heard from the experts in this case is that there was no blood in the footprints in the-- in the hallway. None. There was evidence of some blood in the bidet of Amanda Knox and near a sink. And that-- consistent with having an injury to her ear with a piercing and not co-mingled in a way that would be consistent with any guilt in a homicide.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

She also questions the DNA findings from the blade of that kitchen knife...

Anne Bremner: Was not a match with Meredith. Was not enough to test. May not have been human.
Anne Bremner弁護士:

Dennis Murphy: This is the knife that killed her maybe or this is a knife definitively that killed her?
Dennis Murphy:

Anne Bremner: This is not the knife that killed her.
Anne Bremner:

Amanda Knox ... on trial for her life... had at last told her story. As she stepped down, in at least one reporter's notebook, she did what she had to do.
アマンダ ノックスは彼女の一生を決める裁判の渦中にいますが、最後に彼女側のストーリーを伝えました。そして台を降りた時に、少なくとも1人の記者のノートには、彼女はやらなければならない事をやったと書かれました。

Nick Pisa: I think she did very well. I think she came across very convincing, very self-assured, very confident.
Nick Pisa:

Anne Bremner: And in this case, there is no evidence that links Amanda Knox to the homicide. The knife doesn't match. It's not the murder weapon. There's not one hair follicle in that room from her. No DNA. No blood. No saliva. Zero of Amanda Knox in the room.
Anne Bremner弁護士:
この事件では、アマンダ ノックスを直接殺人に結びつける証拠はありません。ナイフも違いました。これは殺害武器ではありません。被害者の部屋からは彼女の毛包1つすら見つかっていません。DNA、血液、唾液も無く、アマンダ ノックスが全くその部屋に居ないのです。

To Bremner and the friends of Amanda, Rudy Guede alone killed Meredith Kercher.
Bremner弁護士とアマンダの友達は、Rudy GuedeがMeredith Kercher殺害の単独犯としています。

Dennis Murphy: Rudy explains everything? Ladies and gentlemen of the court, why are we here?
Dennis Murphy:

Anne Bremner: It's true.
Anne Bremner弁護士:そのとおりです。

Dennis Murphy: You have your killer and he's convicted.
Dennis Murphy:殺害犯の身柄を確保し、彼は有罪となった。

Anne Bremner: Right, it's, it's really that simple.
Anne Bremner弁護士:そうです。たったそれだけの事です。

But is the view from an Italian courtroom as clear as the view from Seattle?

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