Mexico Arrests 'King of Heroin,' With Ties to U.S.
Mexico arrests 'King of Heroin,' trafficker who allegedly sent hundreds of lbs of drug to U.S.
By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO Associated Press Writer
MEXICO CITY March 26, 2010 (AP)

Guarded by police officers, Jose Antonio Medina, aka Don Pepe, top, is presented to the press in Mexico City, Thursday, March 25, 2010. Medina was arrested in the western state of Michoacan on Wednesday and is being held for prosecution, said Ramon Pequeno, head of the anti-narcotics division of Mexico's federal police.
2010年3月25日、警察官に守られDon PepeことJose Antonio Medinaがメディアの前に出されました。Mexico連邦警察の麻薬取締部門長Ramon Pequenoが、「Don Pepe」とあだ名の付いたJose Antonio Medinaは、水曜日に西部のMichoacan州で逮捕され訴追手続きの為拘束されていると言いました。

Federal police have arrested Mexico's "King of Heroin," a powerful drug trafficker allegedly responsible for running thousands of pounds of heroin into Southern California each year, authorities said Thursday.

Jose Antonio Medina, nicknamed "Don Pepe," was arrested in the western state of Michoacan on Wednesday and is being held for prosecution, said Ramon Pequeno, head of the anti-narcotics division of Mexico's federal police.
メキシコ連邦警察の麻薬取締部門長Ramon Pequenoは、「Don Pepe」とあだ名の付いたJose Antonio Medinaは、水曜日に西部のMichoacan(ミチョアカン州)で逮捕され訴追手続きの為拘束されていると言いました。

Medina, 36, ran a complex smuggling operation that hauled 440 pounds (200 kilograms) of heroin each month across the Mexican border in Tijuana for La Familia drug cartel, Pequeno said.
Medina(36)は、複雑な密輸を展開し、La Familia麻薬カルテルの為に毎月440ポンド(200kg)のヘロインをメキシコの国境Tijuana(ティフアナ)から運んでいたとPequenoは言います。

The White House National Drug Threat Assessment says that while heroin use is stable or decreasing in the U.S., the source of the drug has shifted in recent years from Colombia — where production and purity are declining — to Mexico, where powerful drug cartels are gaining a foothold in the lucrative market.
The White House National Drug Threat Assesment(アメリカ国内の麻薬の脅威に関する報告書)では、アメリカ国内のヘロインの使用は不変か下降していますが、麻薬の出所が生産量も純度も落ちているColumbia(コロンビア)から有力な麻薬カルテルが利益の高い市場の基盤を築きあげているMexicoへシフトしています。

Heroin production in Mexico rose from 17 pure metric tons in 2007 to 38 tons in 2008, with the increase translating to lower heroin prices and more heroin-related overdoses and more overdose deaths, according to U.S. government estimates in a report by the National Drug Intelligence Center.
メキシコのヘロイン生産は2007年の純然な17トンから2008年には38トンまで増加しました、この増加はヘロイン価格下落、ヘロインに関する過剰摂取、過剰摂取による死亡に見て取れるとアメリカ政府はNational Drug Inlelligence Center(国立麻薬情報局)の報告で予測しています。

Border Patrol agents seized 4.8 million pounds of narcotics at border crossings last year, and heroin seizures saw the most significant increase during that time, with a 316 percent jump over 2008.

Mexico and the U.S. are working together to counter a handful of increasingly violent drug cartels that supply most of the illicit drugs sold in the U.S. The arrest came the day after top U.S. Cabinet officials, led by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, visited Mexico to underscore their shared responsibility for the country's drug-related violence.
メキシコとアメリカは、アメリカ国内で売られる殆の麻薬を供給している手に負えない程の増加する暴力的な麻薬カルテルに対抗すべく協力しています。この逮捕は、国内の麻薬に関係する暴力行為についてその責任分担を強調する為に国務長官Rodham Clinton(ヒラリー・クリントン)を中心とするアメリカの閣僚がメキシコを訪問した翌日の事です。

Nearly 17,900 people have died in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderon launched an assault on cartels after taking office in December 2006.
Felipe Calderon(フェリペ・カルデロン)大統領が就任した2006年12月にカルテル撲滅を打ち出してから、約17,900人が麻薬に関係する暴力行為で死亡しました。

The bloodshed continued Thursday, when Mexican marines on patrol in the small town of Cerralvo, north of the city of Monterrey, came under fire after ordering a convoy of gunmen traveling in 6 vehicles to stop.

2010年3月25日、警察官に守られDon PepeことJose Antonio Medina(中)がメディアの前に出されました。メキシコ連邦警察の麻薬取締部門長Ramon Pequenoが、「Don Pepe」とあだ名の付いたJose Antonio Medinaは、水曜日に西部のMichoacan州で逮捕され訴追手続きの為拘束されていると言いました。
Six of the assailants were killed in the ensuing battle, the navy said. The marine patrol, which was supported by two navy helicopters during the firefight, seized 15 rifles, 10 pistols, 2 grenades and ammunition from the vehicles.

A secretary at the Cerralvo town hall said the shootout took place on the outskirts of town on the highway toward the border with Texas. The shooting was heard throughout the town.

In Ciudad Juarez, a border city of 1.3 million people just south of El Paso, Texas, police found a decapitated man lying in a shopping center parking lot, his head inside a black plastic bag nearby.
Texas州El Paso(エル・パソ)南の人口130万人の国境の町Ciudad Juarez(シウダー・フアレス)で、警察は頭部が近くの黒いビニール袋に入れられた、切断遺体をショッピングセンターの駐車場で発見しました。

Police in Ciudad Juarez also evacuated a grade school after two explosive charges were found on the sidewalk in front of the building. The explosives, apparently of the type used in rock blasting, were removed by soldiers.
また、Ciudad Juarezの警察は建物の前の歩道で起爆装置2個を見つけ、その後小学校を避難させました。爆発物は、明らかに岩盤爆破に使用され種類のもので、兵士により除去されました。

In the southern state of Guerrero, the body of a 16-year-old boy was found at a trash dump in the township of Tecpan de Galeana. State police said the body bore multiple gunshot wounds.
南部のGuerrero(ゲレーロ州)では、Tecpan de Galeana村で16歳の男子の死体がゴミの山から発見されました。遺体には複数の銃痕があったと言いました。

Such killings are believed to be the result of drug cartels fighting among themselves for control of the drug trade, a lucrative business estimated to bring $25 billion in cash into Mexico each year.

Federal police in Mexico City said Thursday they had seized $1.7 million in small bills and arrested two Colombians and two Mexicans for allegedly running financial operations for cartels.
木曜日、Mexico City(メキシコシティ)の連邦警察は、170万ドルを小額紙幣で押収し、カルテルの金融業務を行っていた疑いのあるコロンビア人(2)とメキシコ人(2)を逮捕したと伝えました。

Federal prosecutors announced Thursday they were taking over the investigation into the March 19 deaths of two university students who were killed when they were apparently caught in crossfire between soldiers and gunmen in Monterrey.

The deaths of the two students caused outrage in the northern city. Mexican law allows cases involving civilians and soldiers to be tried in either the civilian or military justice system. Thursday's move suggests the case would proceed through the civilian legal system.

Also in Monterrey, a human rights group said a suspected drug trafficker wanted for questioning about a shootout — and the death of a fellow suspect — was in hiding. So was the police chief, who state investigators want to question about the case.

The two trafficking suspects were detained Sunday in the Monterrey suburb of Santa Catarina. They were last seen being put aboard a navy helicopter. On Monday, one of the suspects turned up tortured, killed and wrapped in a blanket.
日曜日にMonterrey郊外のSanta Catarinaで2人の密輸容疑者が拘束されました。彼らが最後に目撃されたのは、海軍のヘリコプターに乗せられている場面でした。月曜日に容疑者の1人が拷問を受け殺され、毛布に巻かれた状態で発見されました。

An army soldier inspects one of two explosives that were found near an elementary school in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Thursday, March 25, 2010. The explosives were apparently of the type used in rock blasting.
2010年3月25日メキシコ北部の国境都市Ciudad Juarezで発見された2つの爆発物を検査する軍兵士。爆発物は、明らかに岩盤爆破に使用される種類のものでした。
It was unclear how one suspect died and the other wound up on the run, but the navy has said it simply transported the men to a hospital at the request of local police.

Nuevo Leon state police were sent to question the surviving suspect Wednesday night, but he had disappeared by the time investigators arrived, the state human rights commission said.
水曜日の夜、Nuevo Leon(ヌエボ・レオン州)州警察は生き残った容疑者を尋問する為に向かいましたが、彼(容疑者)は捜査員が到着する頃には消息を絶ったと人権委員は言いました。

Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo Medina said Santa Catarina police chief Eduardo Murrieta should testify before authorities to clear up the mystery. Murrieta had custody of the two suspects after they were detained.
Nuevo Leon州知事Rodrigo Medinaは、Santa Catarina警察署長Eduardo Murrietaが当局が謎を解明する前に証言すべきと言いました。容疑者は拘束された後、Murrietaの観察下にありました。

But Santa Catarina Mayor Gabriel Navarro said Murrieta was in hiding because he feared for his life. Murrieta was wounded in a clash that followed the two men's detention Sunday.
しかしSanta Catarina市長Gabriel Navarroは、Murrietaが命の危険を怖れて隠れていると言っています。Murrietaは、日曜日に結果として2人が拘束された衝突でケガをしています。

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