Russia Welcomes Home Its Spies -- So What Now?
By SIMON SHUSTER / MOSCOW – Mon Jul 26, 6:45 pm ET


Whatever their failings, the 10 Russian agents kicked out of the U.S. earlier this month must have done something right to win the adoration of Russia's most famous former spy, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In a rare bit of candor about his private affairs, Putin described on Saturday how he had personally welcomed the agents home with a pep talk and a patriotic sing-along. But some of his comments left experts scratching their heads. Why was he piling such praise on a group of spies who were, by most accounts, not very good at spying? And what exactly is the bright future he promised them now that they are comfortably back in Russia?
彼らの失敗がどうであれ、今月前半にアメリカから送還された10人のロシアスパイは、最も有名な元スパイ、Vladimir Putin(ウラジーミル・プーチン)首相から敬愛される為に正しいことを行ったはずです。土曜日に彼自身のプライベートについて珍しく正直に、Putinは、個人的にスパイの帰国を激励し愛国歌を一緒に歌いました。しかし、彼の残したコメントの幾つかについて、専門家は頭を傾げます。何故、殆のケースでよいスパイではなかったスパイグループをそこまで称賛するのでしょうか?また、彼らが心地良くロシアへ帰国するのに彼はどのような明るい未来を約束したのでしょうか?

According to two veterans of Russia's foreign intelligence service, most of the things Putin mentioned, including the serenade to Mother Russia, fit into the process of re-integration that spies normally undergo. When asked by a reporter at Saturday's press conference what the spies would do now, Putin said curtly, "They will work. I'm sure that they will have good jobs, and I'm sure that they will have interesting and bright lives."
元ロシア対外諜報局員2名によると、Mother Russiaのセレナーデを含むPutinの説明の多くは、スパイが普通に体験する復帰過程です。土曜日のプレス発表で記者に、今後スパイが何を行うのかを尋ねられたPutinは、「彼らは仕事をします。良い仕事に付きと信じています、また楽しく将来性のある生活をすると信じています。」と素っ気無く言いました。

This could mean different things for the different members of the spy ring, says Mikhail Lyubimov, a retired colonel of the KGB and a renowned Cold War spy. The ones who have kept a lower profile through the scandal could be given new identities and moved up within the ranks of the secret service, although it is unlikely that they will be sent back into the field, Lyubimov says. But those who have been more conspicuous, such as Anna Chapman - who was dubbed the femme fatale of the group after her naked photos were leaked to the media - should not hold out hope for a career among the warriors of the secret front.
これは、異なるスパイグループにとって違う事を意味する可能性もあります、退職した元KGB(ソ連国家保安委員会)大佐で冷戦で有名だったMikhail Lyubimovは言います。Lyubimovは、スキャンダルの中で目立たないように行動していたスパイは、新しい身元を与えられ、シークレットサービス内でランクがあがりますが、彼らがフィールドに戻される事は多分ないでしょうと言います。しかし、裸の写真がメディアにリークされて以降、グループで危険なまでに魅力的と象徴されるAnna Chapmanのような、より目立つスパイは、諜報前線で戦うようなキャリアへの望みを維持すべきではありません。

"Some of them have just been too deeply compromised," Lyubimov says. It would be too dangerous to have them hanging around with other agents when fans are chasing them for autographs, and pornographers are asking them to feature in their movies, as happened with Chapman last week. "So they will be offered jobs in government banks, or other private firms controlled by the state. This would be the normal practice."

Yet Chapman, for one, does not seem destined to melt back into obscurity. Last week, Angelina Jolie sent her a personal invitation to the Moscow premier of Salt, a spy thriller in which Jolie plays a Russian spy. Although Chapman did not show up, a friend of hers, Cordelia Donovan, who lives in New York City and has been e-mailing back and forth with Chapman since her deportation, tells TIME that the ex-spy had been very tempted. "She's a normal young woman. Why wouldn't she want to be on the red carpet?" Donovan asks. Even more tempting might be the chance to go into politics. The Liberal Democrats, a nationalist party, are considering a place for her on their ballot in the next parliamentary elections. "We've been discussing how we can bring her onboard," party official Ivan Kosenko told TIME on Monday.
しかしChapmanを例とすると、彼女はダークな世界へ戻るようには見えません。先週、Angelina Jolie(アンジェリーナ・ジョリー)は彼女へ、Salt(ソルト (映画))のMoscow(モスクワ)プレミア(試写会)へ個人的に招待状を送りました、Jolieがロシアスパイに扮したスパイスリラーです。Chapmanは出席しませんでしたが、ニューヨーク市に住む彼女の友人Cordelia Donovanは、Chapmanの送還後もメールでやり取りしています、Donovanは、TIME(タイム誌))へ元スパイ(Chapman)は、とても行きたがっていたと伝えています。「彼女は普通の若い女性です。何故、レッドカーペットを歩きたがらないのでしょうか?」Donovanは問います。より魅力的なのは、政治へ携わる機会です。ナショナリスト党のLiberal Democrats(直訳:自由民主党)は、次の議会選挙で投票名簿に彼女の名前を載せる事を考えています。党職員Ivan Kosenkoは「どうすれば彼女を載せれるかを議論しています。」と月曜日にTIMEへ伝えました。


Indeed, little seems more valuable in the arena of Russian politics than a background in espionage. Scores of ministers and deputies in the Russian parliament have had ties to the secret service, and Putin himself served as a KGB agent in East Germany during the Cold War. In his time in office, first as President and now as Prime Minister, he has worked to restore the prestige of Russia's intelligence agencies to make them more attractive to new recruits and less ominous to the everyday Russian.

For some observers, this helps explain the nostalgic pleasure Putin seemed to take in welcoming the spies back home. One of the songs they sang was an unofficial anthem of the secret services called "What Does the Motherland Start With?" - it's the theme song from an old Soviet TV show that was almost as whimsical in its depiction of spies as Putin was on Saturday. "Just imagine," he said to reporters. "You have to learn a foreign language as if it was your native tongue. You have to think in it, speak in it, and execute all the tasks set by the Motherland ... Your own children don't even know what you do!"
オブザーバーの何人かにとっては、これがスパイの帰国を歓迎し、Putinの懐旧の喜びの説明になります。彼らの歌った1つは、シークレットサービスの非公式の賛歌「What Does the Motherland Start With?(直訳:Motherlandは何で始まる?)」です、これは古いソビエトのTV番組で、Putinが土曜日に描いたスパイと同じ位に奇妙なものです。彼はレポーターへ「考えてみてください、母国語のように外国語を習わなくてはいけません。その外国語で考え、話し、またMotherlandが決めた任務を遂行しなくてはなりません、あなたの子供でさえあなたが何をしているのか知らないのです!」と言いました。

Such praise for Chapman and her cohorts came as a surprise to Oleg Nechiporenko, an ex-KGB colonel whose cover was blown in 1971 when he was accused of supporting leftist radicals in Mexico. Nechiporenko says the caliber of spies he had worked with then was far higher than those busted by the FBI last month, and many former agents have publicly said that some of the slip-ups exposed by the FBI were downright humiliating. In perhaps the most famous example, Chapman registered a cellphone using a fake Russian name and the address 99 Fake St., and then threw the receipt in a public trash bin where the FBI picked it up, according to the Bureau's affidavit.
Chapmanと彼女の同僚への称賛は元KGB Oleg Nechiporenko大佐は驚きました、1971年に彼の身元が暴露され、メキシコで左翼原理主義者を支援したとして告訴されました。先月FBIが摘発したスパイよりも彼が任務についていた当時のスパイの力量が格段に高く、多くの元エージェントがFBIが公開した彼らの手違いは、侮辱以外の何物でもないと公に伝えているとNechiporenkoは言います。最も有名な例として、FBIの供述書によると、Chapmanは携帯電話をロシアの偽名とデタラメの住所(99 Fake -(偽)- St.)で登録し、そのレシートを、その後FBIが拾う事になる公共のゴミ箱へ捨てました。

But despite the mistakes, Nechiporenko says some kind of reception would still need to be part of a spy's re-integration. "For me there was a banquet, there were medals, promotions, and, of course, I got a raise," Nechiporenko says. "This is all part of the tradition if you're exposed by no fault of your own." Part of the reason for the festivities, he adds, is to smooth a spy's path up the official hierarchy, to make everyone aware that he or she deserves respect.

Yet Lyubimov says Putin went further than usual in this case. To have the most powerful man in the country sing songs and celebrate with a group of agents, and then discuss it publicly, "that is something new," he says. "That shows a new respect for the role of the foreign intelligence service that I haven't seen before. And it probably indicates the attention and care these individuals will get now that they've returned to the Motherland." Whether this means the ex-spies will have new careers in politics or spycraft, Putin seems to have taken a personal interest in making their futures as cozy as possible.

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