Miners' deep motivation: Stay slim or stay in mine
By BRADLEY BROOKS, Associated Press Writer – Thu Aug 26, 6:39 am ET

COPIAPO, Chile – Put on a show. Play cards. Sing. Get exercise. And whatever you do, don't get too fat to squeeze through the escape tunnel.

©AP Photo/Roberto Candia
チリCopiapoのSan Jose炭坑の外で閉じ込められた33人を表すチリ国旗の隣にあるキャンドルを灯す女性。8月5日に作業中だった縦穴が崩壊し、閉じ込められた炭坑労働者は、日曜日に救出チームがメッセージや消耗品、空気を送る穴から生存している事が確認され、労働者をカメラで見る事ができました。
Chilean officials are offering lots of advice to help 33 miners trapped underground keep their health and sanity as they wait to be rescued. One thing they're not sharing with the men is their estimate that it could take four months to drill them out of an emergency shelter nearly half a mile below the surface.

"I hope that nobody commits the imprudence of telling them something like this. We have asked the families to be careful in the letters they write," Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter said Wednesday. "It's going to be very hard. We're going to have to give them a great deal of attention, care and psychological support."
「誰も軽率にそのような事を言わないように望んでいます。家族が書いた手紙でそのように伝えないようにお願いしました。とても厳しい事になります。彼らに多いに注意、ケア、心理サポートを提供しなくてはなりません。」内務大臣Rodrigo Hinzpeterは水曜日に伝えました。

The miners were trapped by an Aug. 5 collapse, and rescuers established contact with them Sunday by drilling a 6-inch-wide hole to the shelter. That hole and two others are now lifelines, delivering supplies, communications and fresh air to the miners while they wait for the escape tunnel to be drilled.

The miners have a general idea that their rescue will take time but haven't been given the details, Hinzpeter said.

Some mining experts believe it will take far less than four months to dig the tunnel.

Larry Grayson, a professor of mining engineering at Penn State University, said it could take just 25 to 30 days to reach the miners. Gustavo Lagos, a professor at the Catholic University of Chile's Center for Mining, estimated the job could be done in two months if all goes well and four months if it all bogs down.
Penn State University(ペンシルベニア州立大学) 鉱山工学教授 Larry Graysonは、25日〜30日で彼らの元に到達できるでしょうと言いました。Catholic University of Chile(チリカトリック大学) 鉱山センター教授 Gustavo Lagos教授は、全て上手くいけば2ヶ月で達成でき、全て停滞すれば、4ヶ月掛かるでしょうと言いました。

Lilianett Gomez, whose father, Mario, is trapped in the mine, said she thinks the miners know their rescue won't be quick. "They know how long it will take for them to be rescued. As miners they know the work very well," she said.
父親Marioが閉じ込められているLilianett Gomezは、労働者は救出が間近ではないと知っていると思うと言いました。「彼らは救出されるまでどれだけ時間がかかるかしっています。炭坑労働者としてその作業をよく知っています。」と彼女は言いました。

The rescue team isn't ready to let families talk directly with the miners yet, but Chilean President Sebastian Pinera asked their leader, Luis Urzua, in a call Tuesday what they needed.
救助チームは、まだ家族と労働者を直接話させていませんが、チリ大統領(セバスティアン・ピニェラ)は、火曜日に電話で(労働者の)リーダーLuis Urzuaに何が必要かを訪ねました。


"That you rescue us as quickly as possible, and that you don't abandon us," the shift foreman responded. "Don't leave us alone. ... We hope that all of Chile shows its strength to help us get out of this hell.

"You will not be left alone. You have not been alone. The government is with you all. The entire country is with you all," Pinera said.

Urzua, 54, also described the collapse.

"It was frightening. We felt like the mountain was coming down on us, without knowing what happened. Thanks to God, we still hadn't gathered together to go out to have lunch. ... At 20 minutes before 2 (their usual lunch hour), the mountain came down on top of us."
「何が起こったのか知らず、怖かったです。まるで山が上から落ちてくるようでした。昼食をとるのに集まっていなかったのが幸いでした・・・2時20分前(通常の昼食時間)」に、"山" が私達の上に落ちてきました。」

"For about four or five hours, we couldn't see a thing. After that we saw that we were trapped by an enormous rock that filled the entire passage of the tunnel."

The miners made a two-day emergency food supply last more than two weeks as they waited for contact from the outside world, and also conserved power from their headlamps before rescuers sent them LED lights.

They remain days away from being able to eat solid food because they went hungry for so long. Rescuers have sent down a high-energy glucose gel, and on Wednesday they gave the miners cans of a milk-like drink enriched with calories and protein.

Even though the miners have undoubtedly lost a significant amount of weight, Chilean officials are trying to ensure they don't bulk up before their rescue. They say the miners will have to be no more than 35 inches (90 centimeters) around the waist to make it out of the tunnel.

The escape tunnel will be about 26 inches (66 centimeters) wide ― the diameter of a typical bike tire ― and stretch for more than 2,200 feet (688 meters) through solid rock. That's more than 80 inches (207 centimeters) in circumference, but rescuers also have to account for the space of the basket that will be used to pull the miners to safety.
救助トンネルは、一枚岩を貫通する幅約26インチ(66cm) -典型的な自転車のタイヤの直径- で、長さ2,200フィート(688m)になります。これは外周80インチ(207cm)ですが、救助チームは、労働者を安全に引き上げる為に使用されるバスケットのスペースも考えなくてはなりません。

Most Americans couldn't meet the 35-inch limit. The average U.S. waistline is 39.7 inches for men and 37 inches for women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
殆のアメリカ人は35インチ制限を満たすことができません。Center for Disease Control(CDC:アメリカ疾病予防管理センター)によると、アメリカ人のウエストの平均は男性が39.7インチ(約101cm)で。女性が37インチ(約94cm)です。

Chile's health minister, Dr. Jaime Manalich, said officials are planning exercise and other activities to keep the miners healthy and trim, using some of the passages that remain accessible to the miners.
チリ厚生大臣Jaime Manalich博士は、当局は、まだ労働者がアクセス可能な幾つかの通路を使い労働者が健康的でスリムでいられるようにエクササイズや他のアクティビティーを計画していると伝えました。

"We hope to define a secure area where they can establish various places ― one for resting and sleeping, one for diversion, one for food, another for work," Manalich said.
「色々な場所として使える1つのエリアを確保したいと思っています -休憩や睡眠場所、排水場所、食事場所とワーク場所です。」Manalichは言いました。

Establishing a daily and nightly routine is important, the minister said, adding that having fun also will be critical. The rescue team is creating an entertainment program "that includes singing, games of movement, playing cards. We want them to record songs, to make videos, to create works of theater for the family."

The Chilean government has asked NASA for advice on "life sciences" issues and technology that can help the miners, and the space agency will do what it can, said NASA spokesman Mike Curie.
チリ政府が、NASAへ労働者をヘルプできる「生命科学」と技術問題でアドバイスを求め、宇宙当局はできることはしますとNASAの広報Mike Curieは伝えました。

The gold and copper mine runs like a corkscrew for more than 4 miles (7 kilometers) under a barren mountain in northern Chile's Atacama Desert.
金と銅の炭坑は、チリAtacama Desert(アタカマ砂漠)にある不毛の山の下でコルクスクリューのように4マイル(約7km)以上も続いています。

Outside, Chilean flags are everywhere ― including the torn one that became a symbol of Chile's resistance when a young man was photographed holding it just after a massive earthquake rocked the South American nation last year. That flag was raised above 33 others that sit on a hill over the mine, each representing one of the trapped men.
外では、チリ復興のシンボルとなった昨年南アメリカの国で起こった巨大地震(チリ地震 (2010年))の際に撮影された破れた国旗を持つ男性のように破れた国旗と含め、チリ国旗があっちこっちで掲げられています。その国旗は掲陽され、他の33の国旗は1つが閉じ込められた男性を表すように炭坑の上にある丘に設置されています。

The mood is optimistic among family members, many of whom are camped at the mine site. "All the guys with him have an experience of surviving. Their work is survival," Urzua's cousin, Jorge Barahona, said Wednesday as he warmed his hands at a campfire.
家族の間では、楽観的なムードです、多くが炭坑の現場でキャンプしています。Urzuraの従兄弟Jorge Barahonaは水曜日にキャンプファイヤーで手を温めながら、「彼と一緒にいる人達はサバイバル経験があります。彼らの仕事がサバイバルなのです。」

Some family members filed suit Wednesday against the mine's owner, Compania Minera San Esteban. Attorney Remberto Valdes, representing the miner Raul Bustos, accused the company of fraud and serious injury based on the lack of safety measures like the escape tunnel that the state-owned Codelco copper company is now preparing to dig. Four municipal governments in the area are preparing a similar claim.
水曜日、家族の一部は鉱山所有者Compania Minera San Estebanを提訴しました、炭坑労働者Paul Bustosの代理人を務めるRemberto Valdes弁護士は、国が主有する銅の企業Codelcoが掘削準備をしている脱出トンネルのような安全対策が不足していた事から発生した重大な怪我と詐欺で企業を訴えました。当該地区の4つの地元自治体も類似した訴訟を準備しています。

On Aug. 31, the men will have been trapped underground longer than any other miners in history. Last year, three miners survived 25 days trapped in a flooded mine in southern China. Few other rescues have taken more than two weeks.
Associated Press writers Federico Quilodran in Copiapo, Seth Borenstein in Washington, D.C., and Michael Warren in Buenos Aires, Argentina, contributed to this report.


©REUTERS/ Ivan Alvarado

©AP Photo/Roberto Candia

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