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この写真の女性がAmanda Knoxです。

アマンダ ノックス(Amanda Knox)記事一覧

After yearlong trial in the murder of a housemate, American gets a verdict

By Dennis Murphy
Correspondent Dateline NBC
updated 5:28 p.m. ET Dec. 5, 2009

This report aired on Dateline NBC on Friday, Dec. 4, 2009. You can see related web-exclusive videos here.

これは2009年12月4日にDateline NBCで放映された内容です。

Amanda Knox, guilty of murder. The 22-year old American--already long convicted in the Italian court of public opinion--was found guilty in the only court that matters. A Seattle college student who only intended to come to Italy for a few months of study will, failing an appeal, spend at least 24 years of her life in an Italian prison. A parents' nightmare realized. Her onetime boyfriend convicted too in a case that inflamed passions on both sides of the Atlantic.
アマンダ ノックスが殺人罪に。既にイタリアのマスメディアにより有罪扱いされていた22歳のアメリカ人は、法廷において有罪となりました。数ヶ月イタリアに勉強する目的で来たSeattleの大学生は、懇願も虚しく、最低24年間イタリアの刑務所で過ごす事になりました。両親にとって悪夢のような出来事が現実となってしまったのです。太平洋の両端で恋に燃えた彼女の一度限りのボーイフレンドも有罪判決を受けました。

What ended Friday, Dec. 4 in an building from the Middle Ages began more than two years ago now in the same nearby streets of Perugia, Italy.

It was Nov. 1, the evening of All Saints Day, as the young English student made her way home through the cobbled streets of the ancient Italian fortress city. Meredith Kercher was 21 years old and just weeks before leaving Britain for her year abroad, she'd helped a musician friend with his video. Meredith--Mez to her friends--had, some thought, an exotic allure and her brief turn in the music video--a lark, really--captured the quality.
それは、11月1日、諸聖人の日の夕方でした。若いイギリス人生徒が古風なイタリア要塞都市の石畳の道を歩いて帰宅している時でした。Meredish Kercher(21)は、留学を終え、後数週間でイギリスへ戻るところでした。彼女の友人であるミュージシャンのビデオを手伝っていたのです。友達からはMezと呼ばれていた彼女は、異国の魅力に考えがあり、その考えをミュージックビデオにし、軽い気持ちであったのが、とてもよい仕上がりになったのです。

Now, months later, as she returned that night to her student bungalow in Perugia, perhaps, she reflected on what a pleasant evening it had been with her English girlfriends over at their digs. Pizza and a movie, the romantic teary story of eternal love, "The Notebook."
何ヶ月が経過し、その夜、彼女はペルージャにある学生バンガローに戻りました。彼女の友達との楽しく過ごした時間を思っていたのかも知れません。それはピザの事や悲しいラブストーリーの映画「The Notebook(邦題:君に読む物語)」です。

Maybe after clubbing till all hours the night before, she needed a low-key recovery night. It was Halloween and she'd gone as a female vampire with blood dripping from her fangs.

(c)FP Getty Images

She'd bumped into Patrick Lumumba, the Congolese bar owner--her American roommate's boss--and he'd dangled an intriguing invitation before her: come DJ one night a week at the bar. It would be "Mez Night" at his hole-in-the-wall club, Le Chic.
彼女は偶然、コンゴ人でバーのオーナであるPatrick Lumumba(彼女のアメリカ人ルームメイトの雇い主)にばったりと会い、彼女に「週に一日だけバーでDJをやってみないか?」と魅力的なオファーをしたのです。それはLe Chicという狭いバーで「Mezナイト」と名付けられました。

Lumumba thought Meredith's good looks would be a draw. She told him she'd think about it.

But there'd never be a "Mez Night." There'd never be a year of studying literature at the University of Perugia. Never again a movie and pizza with girlfriends.

When she opened the door to the apartment she shared with three others, Meredith Kercher had less than two hours to live. She was found the next day after 1 p.m. A ghastly scene. Murdered in her bedroom, her throat slashed. Her killer or killers had thrown a bed cover over her bruised and mostly naked body.

The murder case, of course, became a national sensation. Not just that a promising life had been extinguished in such a brutal fashion but even more for the Italian authorities theory of the crime and the three they'd accused of doing it.


There was the African-born idler, Rudy Guede, a 20-year old hanger-on of the student scene in Perugia. He danced in the clubs and by reputation was a small-time marijuana dealer.
アフリカ生まれのRudy Guede(20)はペルージャの学生街で居候で怠け者でした。彼はクラブで踊り、とるに取らないマリファナの売人でもあったと言われています。

This is a homemade video Rudy Guede uploaded to a web page, him ghoulishly playing "Dracula." "I'm gonna' suck your blood," he moans.
Rudy Guedeがウェブページにアップロードしたビデオは、彼が薄気味悪いドラキュラを演じ「血を吸ってやる〜」と唸っています。
The second person accused of killing Meredith was a slight Italian computer-sciences student, a doctor's son, 23-year old Raffaele Sollecito. He'd posted a picture of himself on a social networking site costumed as a mad surgeon with a bloody meat cleaver.
Meredith殺害の容疑の2人目は、医師の息子であり自称コンピューターサイエンス部学生のイタリア人Raffaele Sollecitoです。ソーシャルネットワーキングサイトに彼自身が血塗られた肉包丁を持った狂気の医者をコスプレしている写真を掲載していました。

But to American ears the most baffling of all was the third person charged. Inexplicable, really. Sollecito's girlfriend of one week and the new roommate of the murdered woman: Amanda Knox, a 20-year-old Seattle student from the University of Washington.
しかしアメリカ国民にとって最も驚いたのが3番目に告訴された人物です。全く理解する事ができなかったのです。Sollecitoの1週間ガールフレンドであり、被害者のルームメイトであり、Seattle出身のワシントン大学生の女性アマンダ ノックス(20)だったのです。

On her web page, she'd uploaded a leggy glam shot and said her nickname was "Foxy Knoxy."
彼女は自分のサイトに脚の長いとても魅力的な写真を掲載し、自身をフォキシー ノキシーと名乗っていました。
※Foxy(フォキシー)とは性的に魅力があるという意味で、これに彼女自身の姓であるKnox(ノックス)を掛け合わせ、Foxy Knoxy(フォキシー ノキシー)−魅力的なノキシーとしていたのです。

    -  Rudy Guede -          - Foxy Knoxy -       - Raffaele Sollecito -

The Italian prosecutors asserted that after an evening of smoking marijuana with her boyfriend, the scrubbed American, Amanda Knox had plunged a knife into the throat of the roommate she'd quickly grown to hate, simmering tensions over money, men and drugs suddenly flaring into sexual humiliation turned murderous. Three-on-one: Rudy Guede accused of sexually assaulting the unwilling English woman from behind, as Sollecito the boyfriend gripped her arms and pushed her to her knees. Amanda Knox, the theory went, was in front, taunting her roommate with a kitchen knife.
イタリア検察の主張は、夕方頃にボーイフレンドと一緒にマリファナを吸引し、その後このだらしないアマンダ ノックスという女性がルームメイトに憎悪を抱き、お金や男そしてドラッグに事でテンションが上がりナイフを喉に差し、性的に恥しい目にあわせようとしたのが殺人となった。3人がかりだった。Rudy Guedeはイギリス人女性が抵抗したにも関わらず、性的暴行をしたとして告訴され、Sollecitoが彼女の両腕を掴み膝ま付くように押し、アマンダ ノックスについては、被害者の彼女の目の前でキッチンナイフを突きつけていたと結論付けたものです。

That was two years ago. For the last year Amanda Knox and the onetime boyfriend have been on trial together in an Italian courtroom, charged with murder.
これらは2年前の事です。殺人罪に問われたアマンダ ノックスと彼女の一度限りのボーイフレンドは昨年からイタリア法廷で一緒に裁判を受けていました。

Twice a week they've been brought under guard from jail cells to hear the accusations made against them. The court an imposing stone hall from the Middle Ages where a Madonna looks down on the proceedings from a faded fresco above.

The jury, Italian style--two judges and six citizens --lean forward to take in what we call in America the opening argument.

Reporter Barbie Nadeau has covered the crime and trial for Newsweek magazine.
レポーターのBarbie Nadeauはこの事件をNewsweek誌で担当しました。

Barbie Nadeau: The prosecutor believes that what happened the night before was that Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede made a plan to do something to Meredith.
Barbie Nadeau:
当局は、事件の前日の夜に、アマンダ ノックス、Raffaele Sollecito、Rudy GuedeがMeredithに何かをしようと企んでいたと考えています。

There would be months of testimony and evidence to follow. A story told by DNA, blood smears and ghostly luminoled footprints. Accounts of screams heard in the night. A deeply perplexing confession by Amanda later retracted.

Barbie Nadeau: You've got beautiful young women. You've got sex, you've got drugs, you've got lies. You've got a beautiful little Umbrian village. You've got all of these elements that would make a very intriguing movie. It's just unfortunate that it's real, that it really happened.
Barbie Nadeau:

You'll see all of that now in the trial of Amanda Knox.
全てをアマンダ ノックスの裁判で見る事になるのです。



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