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"Foxy Knoxy"ことAmanda Knoxです。

Foxy Knoxyの名前の由来

Perugia, in the center of Italy, is a magnificent hillside town, built largely of stone and populated by young people. There are two universities here. Forty-thousand students. And on a weekend, it can feel like a perpetual spring break.

For the foreign student destined to become the most famous of them all, Amanda Knox, it was a very juicy and very different scene than the neighborhood where she grew up in Seattle. She is a pretty, smiley kid in her family snapshots.
留学生の中で後で有名になったアマンダ ノックスにとっては、生まれ育ったシアトルの近所とは違い誘惑があり異なる街だったのです。家族の写真では、彼女は可愛く笑っている子供です。

A soccer player at her private Catholic prep school--she got the nickname "Foxy" from her moves on the field, by the way, and not because she thought she was God's Gift as it would be spun later. A sort of tomboy retro hippy who made good grades had good friends.

Alexandra: Generous, kind, genuine, optimistic, bubbly. Pretty much all the good words that you can find in a dictionary, she was. (laughter) So--

She looked forward to good prospects as she left classes at the University of Washington for a few months of immersion Italian studies at Perugia's University for Foreigners.

By the end of that same year--just months later--Amanda Knox would already have been tried and convicted in the Italian court of public opinion as the heartless killer with the face of an angel and ice-cold Eyes. Already guilty in the minds of so many Italians as she walked into court for the first day of her murder trial.

©Chris Radburn AP

Reporter Nick Pisa was there.
Nick Pisa: And for several seconds all you could hear was the clicking of camera shutters as people filmed her walking in. As I say, Italy is one of those places captivated by, if you like, a young pretty blonde American girl.
レポーターのNick Pisaがその場にいました。
Nick Pisa:

Dennis Murphy, Dateline NBC Correspondent: Almost as though she's this enigmatic little starlet.
NBC Dateline記者:Dennis Murphy:

Nick Pisa: Exactly. Yes.
Nick Pisa:全くそのとおりです。

Dennis Murphy: what is she wearing today? Is she upbeat? Is she downbeat, people are watching her mood in court?
Dennis Murphy:

Nick Pisa: In Italy it's all about image, “la bella figura,” as they say here, you know, "the beautiful image" and the way that you portray yourself.
Nick Pisa:
イタリアでは印象が全てです。あなたも知っているように人々は「la bella figure」−「綺麗な印象」−というのが自分の表現する方法です。

When Amanda got off the train here in September of 2001, she was just another face in the student throng. She rented a room in the upstairs apartment of a delightful little house with a view deck where she could play her beloved Beatles songs on guitar.

She would be sharing the bungalow with two Italian women and Meredith from England. Like her a student enjoying studies abroad.

Amanda dove into Perugia.

She'd always worked odd jobs to make ends meet and the former barista from Seattle quickly got herself hired here at this popular hangout bar, le chic. Student by day, waitress every Tuesday and Thursday nights, $65 bucks a week, plus tips.
生活苦から逃れる為に彼女はいつも変わった仕事をしていました、元バーテンダーであった彼女は人の集まる人気スポットであったLe Chicというバーで直ぐに仕事を見つけました。日中は学生として、毎週火曜日と木曜日の夜はウエイトレスとして週に65ドルとチップを得ていました。

Her boss was the bar owner, Patrick Lumumba from Congo. He liked to sing reggae for his customers but he did not appreciate the way his new barmaid Amanda was flirting and dancing with the cute boys who came in.
彼女の上司はバーのオーナーであるコンゴから来たPatrick Lumumbaでした。彼はお客さんの前でレゲーを歌うのが好きでしたが、新しいバー従業員であるアマンダがハンサムな男がバーに来るといちゃついたり、踊っていたのをあまり良く思っていませんでした。

Patrick Lumumba: Things didn't go very well. Often I would have to remind her to take care of the customers. She would apologize, but would eventually get distracted by her friends.
Patrick Lumumba:

Lumumba told us two years ago he was going to fire Amanda and offer her job to the English roommate Meredith. In late October Amanda and Meredith went to a classical music concert. A young bespectacled student who gave off a Harry Potter vibe caught Amanda's eyes. She loved Harry Potter and within days she was falling hard for his Italian look-a-like. His name was Raffaele Sollecito.
Lumumba氏は、2年前にアマンダを解雇し、彼女の仕事をイギリス人ルームメイトのMeredishに頼もうと思っていたと私達に言いました。10月下旬にアマンダとMeredithはクラシック音楽のコンサートに一緒に行きました。ハリーポッターを思わせる若いメガネをかけた学生がアマンダの目に止まりました。彼女はハリーポッターが好きで、数日の間にハリーポッターに似たイタリア人に惚れこんだのです。彼の名前はRaffaele Sollecitoでした。

©Stefano Medici AP

His friends from the seaside town where he grew up in Southern Italy, say Raffaele is a lot like a storybook character -- handsome, intelligent and sensitive.

Amanda and Raffaele began a whirlwind romance. It was only a week old when Halloween rolled around. Young Perugia was marking the holiday with a blow-out party night to kick off the start of a long four-day weekend. Meredith went out dressed as a vampire. Amanda partied at Le Chic then bar-hopped, ultimately hooking up with Sollecito in the wee hours.
アマンダとRaffaeleは激しく恋に落ちました。ハロウィンの頃、1週間しか経過していませんでした。ペルージャの若者達は、4日間の週末をスタートするキックオフパーティーを夜に始めていました。Meredithは女性ヴァンパイアとして外に出ました。アマンダはLe Chicでパーティーをし、夜明けにSollecitoと落ち合う為にバーを去りました。

The next day, Thursday, November 1 was a slow rise for everyone. Amanda recalled later that Meredith still had traces of her vampire make-up on as they picked at lunch together. That afternoon Meredith headed out for pizza and a video at her English girlfriends.

Amanda would later say she and Raffaele stayed in at his place to watch a movie on his computer. And that she was delighted when her boss Lumumba texted her, giving her the night off. She added she and Raffaele made a fish dinner, shared some marijuana and went to bed. She says returned home the next morning at about 10:30.

Newsweek reporter Barbie Nadeau picks up the story.
Newsweekの記者Barbie Nadeauがこの話を取り上げています。

Barbie Nadeau: She comes to her house and finds the door open, finds it a little bit strange because the door's always locked. Two of her roommates are away for the weekend. So she goes into the bathroom, takes a shower, goes to her room and changes clothes and she notices blood after she's taken a shower. There's blood in the bidet. There's blood on the sink. She finds it curious but yet she dries her hair, she goes back to her room, gets dressed and then she says that she calls Raffaele and she says something strange is happening at the house and he comes over. That's her story.
Barbie Nadeau:

Meanwhile, about a half mile down the road, an elderly woman had reported finding two cell phones tossed in her front garden. The police later traced the phones to the little cottage and paid a visit.

Barbie Nadeau: And they pull into the yard and they find, and have testified, that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are standing outside the house. Raffaele Sollecito with his jacket on, Amanda Knox without a jacket, and they look absolutely shocked. This was the testimony by the police. They looked surprised.
Barbie Nadeau:
庭に入り、証言にあったようにアマンダ ノックスとRaffaele Sollecitoが家の外に立っているのを見つけたのです。Raffaele Sollecitoはジャケットを着て、アマンダ ノックスはジャケットを着ていませんでした、とてもショックを受けていたように見えたそうです。これは警察の証言です。彼らはとても驚いていたようでした。

Raffaele Sollecito tells the cops there's been a break in and he's already called the Italian 911. But had he?
Raffaele Sollecitoは警察官に、家に盗みが入り、彼は既にイタリアの911(日本でいう110番)に電話したと言いました。しかし彼はそうしたのでしょうか?

Barbie Nadeau: Phone records then were able to prove that he hadn't actually called the police yet.
Barbie Nadeau:

Did Raffaele already know that a gruesome crime had been committed?

Dennis Murphy: This is the start of a tangled story?
Dennis Murphy:これが複雑なストーリーの始まりだったのですね?

Barbie Nadeau: This is the beginning.Barbie Nadeau:

The cottage on Villa Della Pergola would be called hence the House of Horrors.
これがあり、Villa Della Pergolaにあるコテージは、恐怖の館と呼ばれるようになったのです。

©AFP Getty Images

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